What is talkbuilder?

talkbuilder is a custom, online, registration service. This simple, web-based, eRegistration service allows you to setup secure registration forms with the click of a mouse. You can access it from anywhere on the Internet. You can manage users, passwords, promotion codes and redemption redirects. Your data is safe. There is nothing to install. There is nothing to maintain. You can be up and running in less than an hour.

Why use talkbuilder?

An online eRegistration system can save you time and money. It provides one, centralized, Internet-accessible place for you to manage your client registation needs and information. You can throttle the number of redemptions, check for valid promotion codes, even capture email addresses for future marketing programs. This service is easy to use, inexpensive and available everywhere.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. There is nothing to install. All that is required is a web browser and Internet access. We host the hardware and software. Your data is secure. It is easy to add users, passwords, promotion codes and redirects. Administrators can see reports and view data in real-time. Through the web-based tools, users can log in from home, the office or when travelling. Call us today for a demo.

talkbuilder - an online registration tool...

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